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GFP-Human Uterine Fibroblasts

Size Price Quantity
1.0 Frozen Vial $895.00
Name of Products GFP-Human Uterine Fibroblasts
Catalog NocAP-0224GFP
Product FormatFrozen Vial
Cell Number> 5x10[5] cells/vial
Human Uterine Fibroblasts was derived from a healthy Human uterine tissue, and GFP-Human Uterine Fibroblasts were selected by puromycin after infection with GFP-lentvruses, and shipped in frozen vials (the cells are provided @ passage 3). Fibroblast Growth Medium (FGM) (cAP-44) is recommended for cell culture and these cells have an average minimum population doubling levels > at least 10 when cultured following the detailed protocol described below). Human uterine fibroblasts are tested negative for HIV-1, HBV, HCV, and mycoplasma.
Product Use For research use only.
Shipping Frozen Vial
When you receive the cells in a frozen vial, you can transfer the vial of cells into a -80C freezer for short term storage or a liquid nitrogen tank for long term storage. Thaw the cells in a 37C water bath, and then transfer the cells into a T25 flask pre-coated with Quick coating solution (cAP-01) as described in detail in Subculture Protocol.
A)Pre-coating of T25 flasks- Add 2ml of Quick Coating Solution (cAP-01) into one T25 flask and make sure whole surface of the flask is covered with the coating solution. Five minutes later, dispose excessive Quick Coating Solution by aspiration and the flask is ready to be used (no need for overnight incubation when using Quick Coating Solution). Other extracellular matrix can be used including gelatin, collagen, and fibronectin and you are advised to test the conditions for using those materials in advance.
B) Rinse the cells in T25 flask with 5ml HBSS (Room Temperature, RT) twice.
C) Add 2ml of Trypsin/EDTA (RT) (cAP-23) into one T25 flask (make sure the whole surface of the T25 flask is covered with Trypsin/EDTA), and gently dispose the excessive Trypsin/EDTA solution within 20 seconds with aspiration.
D) Leave the T25 flask with the cells at RT for 1 minute (the cells usually will detach from the surface within 1-2 minutes). You can monitor the cells under the microscope and when most of cells become rounded up, hit the flask against the bench surface, and the cells will move on the surface of the flask when monitoring under a microscope.
E) Add 5ml Trypsin Neutralization Buffer (cAP-28) and spin the cells down with 800g for 5 minutes.
F) Re-suspend the cell pellet with 10-15ml of full medium and the cell suspension is transferred directly into 2 or 3 pre-coated T25 flasks (5ml each, and the cells are sub-cultured at 1 to 2 to 1 to 3 ratios).
G) Change medium every 2-3 days and cells usually become confluent within 7 days (when split at a 1 to 3 ratio).
Quick Coating Solution cAP-01 240ml
Fibroblast Growth Medium (FGM) cAP-44 500ml
HBSS w/o Ca2+ , Mg2+ cAP-11 100ml
Cell Freezing Solution (FBS) cAP-22 50ml
Cell Freezing Solution (Non-FBS) cAP-22B 50ml
Trypsin/EDTA Solution cAP-23 100ml
Trypsin Neutralization Solution cAP-28 100ml
ITS (100x) cAP-26 10ml
L-Glutamine-MAXIMUM (100x) cAP-27 100ml
Human Plasma Fibronectin Solution cAP-42 1mg
For customers using our primary cell products, we strongly advise you using our own medium, although similar cell growth medium can be purchased and used for our primary cell products.
The quality of cells, in term of their growth features stated in our datasheets, will not be guaranteed if NON-ANGIO-PROTEOMIE's Cell Growth Medium is used.
Due to the sensitive nature of primary cells and cell lines, all quality related issues about the cells products must be reported back to us within ONE month period after receiving the products, no quality warranty (i.e. replacement of cells) will be provided after the ONE-Month period. Thank you for your understanding.