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Rat Microglia Growth Medium

Size Price Quantity
1.0 Unit $203.50
Name of ProductsRat Microglia Growth Medium
Catalog NumbercAP-r0006M
Product Format500ml (Ready to be Used)
Rat Microglia Growth Medium is specially developed for the expansion of SV40-Rat Brain Microglia Cells. The medium consists of Basic Medium, 20%FBS, growth supplements, and antibiotics.
For customers using our primary cell products, we strongly advise you using our own medium, although similar cell growth medium can be purchased and used for our primary cell products.
The quality of cells, in term of their growth features stated in our datasheets, will not be guaranteed if NON-ANGIO-PROTEOMIE's Cell Growth Medium is used.
Due to the sensitive nature of primary cells and cell lines, all quality related issues about the cells products must be reported back to us within ONE month period after receiving the products, no quality warranty (i.e. replacement of cells) will be provided after the ONE-Month period. Thank you for your understanding.