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Mouse Endothelial Growth Medium (Low serum)

Size Price Quantity
500.0 ml $125.00
Name of Products Mouse Endothelial Growth Medium (Low serum)
Catalog NumbercAP-69
Product Format Solution
Size 500ml
Mouse Endothelial Growth Medium (Low serum) is specifically formulated for the culture of mouse endothelial cell lines. It is based on MCDB131, 5%FBS, and a combination of growth factors.
Ambient temperature or blue ice (seasonally)
PBMEGM should be stored at 4°C. A change in color or the appearance of precipitate may indicate deterioration. Shelf Life
1. Ready to use.
2. Avoid frequent temperature changes to the entire bottle of the medium.
3. We recommend medium changing every 2 days for regular cell expansion culture.
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Handling human and animal tissue-derived products are potentially bio-hazardous. Although each cell strain is tested negative for HIV, HBV, and HCV DNA, or pathogens, diagnostic tests are not necessarily 100% accurate; therefore proper precautions must be taken to avoid inadvertent exposure. Always wear gloves and safety glasses when working with these materials. Never mouth pipette. We recommend following the universal procedures for handling products of human origin as the minimum precaution against contamination.
SPECIAL NOTES: 1. We strongly advise our customers using our own medium and related accessory products; 2. The quality of cells, in term of their growth features stated in our datasheets, will not be waranteed if NON-ANGIO-PROTEOMIE's Cell Growth Medium is used; 3.Due to the sensitive nature of primary cells and cell lines, all quality related issues about the cells products must be reported back to us within ONE month period after receiving the products, no quality warranty (i.e. replacement of cells) will be provided after the ONE-Month period.