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Bovine Serum Albumin (Fraction V)

Size Price Quantity
100.0 g $350.00
Name of Products Bovine Serum Albumin (Fraction V)
Catalog NumbercAP-46
Product FormatLyophilized powder
Size 100gram
Source Bovine Serum
Product Type Albumin, Bovine, Fraction V, 96%, Standard grade, New Zealand origin, pH 7.0
Storage Requirement 2 to 8C
pH Range 7.0
Recombinant No
Purity Standard grade, 96%
Quick Coating SolutioncAP-01
Endothelial Growth MediumcAP-02
Endothelial Basal MediumcAP-03
HBSS w/o Ca2+, Mg2+cAP-11
Cell Freezing Solution (FBS)cAP-22
Cell Freezing Solution (Non-FBS)cAP-22B
Trypsin/EDTA SolutioncAP-23
Trypsin Neutralization SolutioncAP-28
ITS (100x)cAP-26
L-Glutamine-MAXIMUM (100x) cAP-27
Human Plasma Fibronectin SolutioncAP-42
Handling human tissue derived products is potentially bio-hazardous, despite tested negative for HIV, HBV and HCV DNA; nonetheless, proper precautions must be taken to avoid inadvertent exposure.