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SV40-GFP-Expressing Mouse Liver Microvascular Endothelial Cells

Size Price Quantity
1.0 Frozen Vial $2,500.00
1.Long-term in vitro Passages (minimum 30 passages)
2.GFP positive cells and easy for in vitro imaging related assays
3.Expression of vital endothelial Markers, CD31, CD34, VEGFR2, and MCAM
SPECIAL NOTES: 1. We strongly advise our customers using our own medium and related accessory products; 2. The quality of cells, in term of their growth features stated in our datasheets, will not be waranteed if NON-ANGIO-PROTEOMIE's Cell Growth Medium is used; 3.Due to the sensitive nature of primary cells and cell lines, all quality related issues about the cells products must be reported back to us within ONE month period after receiving the products, no quality warranty (i.e. replacement of cells) will be provided after the ONE-Month period.