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Epigenetic Induction of Cells Growth

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1.0 Service $8,000.00
Epigenetic Induction of Cell Proliferation
Catalog NumbercAP-0030
Need to induce cell growth in vitro without the worry of genomic alteration due to viral-induced expression of SV40-T Antigen, hTert, et al? Use Epigenetic induction of cells growth instead. The Advantages of this approach include
1. No viral genes
2. No whole-cell fusion unlike the production of hybridoma cell lines.
3.Transfer of only non-DNA components from specific tumor cell lines/iPSC cells.
4. Very rapid generation of cell lines, 4-6 weeks.
5. Continuous growth of cell lines.
6. No alteration of the phenotype of the cell lines- same phenotype as the parental cells.?
This approach is ideal for developing human and animal cell lines
a. Want to keep your antibody-bearing B cells growing?
b. Want to set up a PDX model with a tiny piece of biopsy material?
c. Want to establish human tumor organoid models?
Contact us for more information. We, together with our partners, will help you to get the cell lines established. Not every type of cell can be immortalized, for any reason, we can not generate the cells line, we will charge 1000 dollars for the service.