Non Endothelial Cells

Human primary cells more closely mimic the physiological state of cells in vivo and generate more relevant data representing living systems. Angio-Proteomie Primary Cell Solutions consist of quality cells, reagents matched and optimized to work with each primary cell type. 

Non Endothelial Cells Categories
Human Astrocytes Human Cardiac Myocytes Human Epithelial Cells Human Fibroblasts
Human Melanocyte Cells Human Neuron Cells Human Pericytes Human Smooth Muscle Cells
Human Stellate Cells Human Stem Cells Human Tendon Cells Human Tumor Cells

Human Astrocytes

human astrocyes derived from brain

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Human Tumor Cells

1. Don’t see the cells you are looking for, contact us so we could custom-generate any GFP- or RFP-Human Tumor cells for you.

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Statement: All these cells are sold for Research Use ONLY, under Limited Use Agreement. The sold items can't be transferred to any third party under any circumstances.

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