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Antibody Humanization Service

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Antibodies required for therapeutic use will of course be required to be structurally indistinct to other endogenous circulating human antibodies, so as to minimize immunogenicity following their introduction into the patient.  Angio-Proteomie offers customers the choice of two distinct strategies to afford production of human custom antibodies for therapeutic use.

The humanization of non-human antibodies (antibodies raised, for example, in a mouse or rat host towards a human target molecule), requiring the modification of the complementarity-determining regions (CDRs) to increase their similarity to human antibody variants.  A simple “copy-and-paste” approach to introduce a rodent CDR into a human antibody scaffold will often diminish or destroy the binding specificity and affinity of the original rodent antibody.  Humanization therefore will rely on discrete CDR residue substitutions to obtain an optimum balance of minimal immunogenicity toward the antibody, while maintaining the original binding and recognition characteristics.

Angio-Proteomie also offers a completely human Fab library, constituting sequences derived from the antibody repertoire of approximately 120 individuals, with a diversity/complexity of approximately 1 x 10