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Mouse Monoclonal Antibody to ASF1A

Size Price Quantity
50.0 ug $245.00
Catalog Number sAP-1632
Product Name Mouse Monoclonal Antibody to ASF1A
Target Molecle ASF1A
Aliases CIA; CGI-98; HSPC146
Species Human;
MW 23kDa
Enterez GeneID 25842
General Information This gene encodes a member of the H3/H4 family of histone chaperone proteins and is similar to the anti-silencing function-1 gene in yeast. The protein is a key component of a histone donor complex that functions in nucleosome assembly. It interacts with histones H3 and H4, and functions together with a chromatin assembly factor during DNA replication and repair.
Immunogen Purified recombinant fragment of human ASF1A (AA
Clone MM2A5F8
Isotype Mouse IgG1
Size and Concentration 100µg/1mg/ml
Supplied As Lyophilized Powder from 100µl of Purified antibody in PBS with 0.05% sodium azide
Reconstitution and Storage Reconstitued with 100µl sterile DI H2O, at stored at 4°C or -20°C for short or long term storage.
Applications ELISA
References 1.J Clin Invest. 2013 Nov;123(11)